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Arena Open with a Win!

posted 23 Oct 2011, 03:07 by Luke Vanhegan   [ updated 2 Nov 2011, 02:46 ]
Nottingham Arena Volleyball Team vs LBro Students
Nottingham Arena won their first match of the season in three sets with a solid performance against the students of Loughborough.

Clearly the directions must have worked as everyone made it to L'Bro on time, and a multi-coloured team took to the court after a fifty minute warm up to take on the mighty students of Loughborough.

The first set was tight at the beginning, but Arena's passing was solid, allowing the attack to be varied, with Matt and Steve putting away some good balls.  We pulled away at the end to take our first set of the season 25-17.

On the back of a successful first set, we took a logical step and changed a winning formula by bringing on this season's new recruit, Manzur.  After a few navigational errors on court, probably from a desire to get on the front row and hit a few balls, he did just that and helped Arena get their noses in front.
Some poor receiving allowed L'Bro back into the set, and a superbly tactical timout from the coach (for the night) made almost no difference for a few points until Arena decided to pull themselves together, use Dan for a few more hits and close out the second set 25-21.

For the third set, Mick's phenomenal power hitting at the back wall had taken it's toll on his shoulder and he assumed bench warming duties.
The third set saw Dan receive some of the best setting of the match, allowing him to unleash his awsome physio-inspired power (they had the technology to rebuild him) to pound the ball into the L'Bro court.  Unfortunatley the sets came from the L'Bro side of the net, and resulted in their setter being subbed off.

Arena surged ahead in the set as student thoughts clearly turned towards the bar, realising there was only going to be one winner in this match.  Dan turned on the style with his jump serves.  Alan sprayed the ball around effectively.  Matt changed from power hitting to clever tipping, almost as if he was trying to conserve energy for something else.  Arena took the set 25-18.

A solid all-round performance and 3-0 win from Arena was an excellent way to start the season.  The display was far from perfect however;  while most things worked well on court, the main area for improvement is clearly post-match attendance at the pub!