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Dave S. Provides a Blast from the Past!

posted 12 Mar 2012, 13:28 by Luke Vanhegan   [ updated 14 Mar 2012, 13:39 ]
Team arena chalk up another win on the road, defeating Darkstar again, this time with last minute help from Arena old boy, Dave Stothert.

Team Arena travelled West into Sheep country to play the volleyball entity known in certain circles as Darkstar.  Successfully locating their opponents 'base', a heavily depleted Team Arena (Simon's turn to suffer from man-flu, while Dan suffered from 'wine flu') had to call upon Dave 'the relic' Stothert to come to their rescue.

Video courtesy of Darkstar

With less than 60 seconds notice, Dave got his volleyball kit out of storage and slotted seamlessly into the Arena attack, rolling back the years despite playing in a new position at outside hitter.  Although starting slowly at the beginning of the match, Arena stayed solid and closed out a tight first set.  Momentum was carried into the second set as Arena upped their game and moved into a 2-0 lead.

Dave, Matt, Steve and Mick made good use of Alan's excellent setting in the second set, building on winning performances from the previous two matches.  They even managed to keep their levels up despite the match being disturbed during the second set when someone stumbled into the sports hall looking dazed and confused (Guess who??).

Now that Dan had arrived, Dave made some excuse about having to ferry kids to a football match and creaked his way out of the building.  Leaving a grateful Team Arena in a potentially match winning situation, Dave left with many thanks ringing in his ears [couldn't have played so well without you Dave.  Cheers! Ed.].

With the first six now restored, Team Arena immediately dropped their level and threw away the third set.  Matt decisively drew a line under a poor passage of play to bring the third set to an early finish.

Normal service was resumed in the final set as Arena upped their game in dealing well with strong jump serving, and producing some excellent combination attacks (The future's bright.  The future's Polish!).  Arena closed out the fourth set, and the match, with a whole half hour of court time left (unlike the last two matches).

Another fine result as Arena move closer to the top of the league table, with a playoff spot well and truly in their sites.